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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Wet Thursday

I think that I am going to go back to The Gambia to the warm climate, While I was away the weather in Norbury was stunning according to David and now look at it, rain rain and more rain, needless to say that it is a bit wet today, I know, we do need some rain but it does dampen ones spirits, my mom said last night that her garden was desperate for some rain,well I hope she is happy now!

Today got off to a busy start, a boat on the wharf first thing for its toilet tank to be pumped out and some diesel, and awaiting an engine service, once Fred had finished opening up and pumping out he then went down to the dry dock with Bernard to float off the boat that was in there, they then proceeded to dock yet another boat for blacking, Fred has pressure washed the hull and now it is drying ready for its first of its three coats of paint, Bernard has had his head in the engine room of a private boat doing and engine service and has also fitted the toilet to the new day boat, just when you think that all the jobs have been done something else needs finishing, it is out this coming weekend so it really does need a toilet!

Even though it has been raining today we have still had a steady flow of customers through the door which has kept Lorraine busy and the cyclists are a hardy bunch that don't seem to worry about the weather!

We have had our brand new works van delivered today, we have decided that we needed more than just one works vehicle, so we have just taken delivery of a Ford Transit Connect in white, keep your eyes open for it in the coming months as it will be sporting its new Norbury Wharf livery which will make it stand out a little.

Thanks it from me today


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