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Friday, 4 March 2011

Busy Friday

As the title says really, it has been a very busy day today for lots of reasons, one the sun has been shining, two, lots of boats have been going out and three, because we have had plenty scheduled in for today and then someone wanted to come and view my car that i was selling, that took a couple of hours but it paid off as i sold it, so very pleased about that.

As I said, lots of boats were going out today and I must say it is nice to see the place buzzing with people, familiar faces and some new ones, sorry to anyone who turned up for their boat and it wasn't quite ready or there was a small problem; to be honest most people turned up far too early and we hadn't finished getting them all sorted, I suspect that everyone thought that as some of the boats hadn't been out for such a long time that they would all be ready, not the case and there were still a few jobs to be completed as well as some of the boats to be 'turned around' Please please please remember in future that we guarantee to have the boats ready by 3 0clock so leave it until as late as you can to come to the boat.

Ember has gone out on its maiden voyage today, so fingers crossed that all goes well with that and Princess goes out on her maiden voyage tomorrow, well its not quite a maiden voyage but it is the first time that she has gone out as a 'Norbury' boat so fingers crossed for that one as well. Fred has earned his wages today, Friday is about the only day that he works really hard, I now Know why David has instigated chips on a Friday, just to keep Fred going! I was not too impressed when David announced that the chips were on the way as I am on a bit of a diet (holiday soon) so none for me!! Just a bowl of soup.You know how mean some people can be? they even sent me a picture of a curry last night when a certain person who will remain nameless went out with Karen F, well thanks guys, I have given in and am off out for one myself tonight(so much for a diet)

As you can imagine all the lads have been busy and we also had a breakdown on one of our hire boats that went out last week, nothing serious, just a broken bilge pump, Bernard to the rescue and they were on their way in no time at all.

Well that's it from me for this week, I will leave you all in the every capable hands of David for the weekend, and I am sure he will have more time to post some pictures.


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  1. OOOohh breaking strain of a Kit Kat....some diet that was!
    OK competition on....April 29th deadline....a minimum of 10% of bodyweight to be lost....who's up for it...Simon....LOL