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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spring is in the air today

The day started a bit grey and overcast and didn't look very promising but as the day has progressed the weather has improved and as we speak the sun is shinning over the basin and the birds are twittering away, it is a little cold and I know that the forecasters have said that temperatures will be dropping below freezing again before the weekend, I hope it isn't too cold for too long as it can cause problems with the boats, we are still repairing damaged filter, water pumps and pipework from the last cold snap.

There have been a few boats on the move today and it is nice to see some life at long last, is it me or do we seem to have had a loooooong winter? It is nice to drive to work in the light and its lovely to drive home in the light, roll on the really light nights when we can all sit out side until very late in our shorts and T shirts.

All the lads have been busy as usual, Fred with blacking and varnishing, not at the same time, he is good but not that good! Bernard has been doing a bit of welding on Princess just reinstating the wear chines at the rear of the boat, welding up a split in the stem post and shortening the prop shaft as it was excessively long and very close to the rudder, Steve has been cracking on with the fit out on the new day boat and Lee has been prepping Sophie all day

I have been proof reading the new brochure and generally catching up on paperwork, Ange has been busy today in the Tea room amongst her other jobs, she is like a beaver and never seems to stop and last Joyce has been cleaning the boats and generally getting them ready for the weekend, another busy weekend ahead with about 9 boats going out.

That's it from me today.


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