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Monday, 7 March 2011

Another fine day

The weekend seems to go so fast and then 'bang' and its Monday again, but what a fine day it has been, I have been out and about today doing jobs that have taken me out in to the sticks and in to town so I have seen a wonderful contrast of both the countryside and the city in the sun, Norbury has been basking in the sun for most of the day which has bought in a steady flow of customers to the T room but I have not seen one boat on the move all day, the moorings seem quite full as I drove over the bridge on my way home, but I think that they may have been there since yesterday.

I see that David has done a sterling job of keeping you posted about the weekends activities and i also note that Ember has returned, and with only a few snagging items to be sorted, I am very pleased with that and our customers were also very pleased with the boat, so I would say that it has been a sucess, lets hope that all of the holiday makers due out on it feel the same.

Ralph has been busy today antifouling a narrow boat in the dock, its unusual to have a steel narrow boat on the canal with antifoul paint but this customer specified it, there is a bit more work involved in the application and the cost of the paint is much higher, I am not too sure it is worth the extra cost but at the end of the day it is the customers choice, Mick has been busy sorting out Ember, Lee has been busy with applying the first coat of hi-build primer to the boat in the paint dock.

Its funny to see the basin devoid of boats, especially after the long winter where it has been full to over-brimming and now virtually empty as most of the boats are out, it wont be like it for long and they will all be back this weekend.

Thats it for now, lets see what tomorrow brings


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