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Friday, 11 March 2011

Whaaay its Friday!!

At last its Friday its 5 o'clock and its, No its not cracker Jack, its nearly time to go home! What a busy day it has been today, it started off with Me and David conducting a final interview for the position of Senior engineer and I am glad to say that we now have our new man (Rob) starting with us early in April, Rob has a wealth of knowledge and has a fascinating marine engineering background, not only in the canal industry but with sea going boats and he will be bringing all this experience with him and joining the team here soon, He will be a valued addition to the merry bunch here, so keep your eyes peeled for him.

We have turned around about 8 boats today which has kept everyone busy, far too many things have been done today to mention them all here, nearly all the boats have gone out except one that we found a water pipe had a split in it so we have had to order a new one, that should be with us tomorrow and then that boat can get on its way, Norbury is not a bad place to stay over night, a meal and a few beers in the excellent pub across the way is all that is required to see the evening off nicely!

It is looking like a quiet weekend as we don't have any boats turning around tomorrow but you never can tell, and if the weather is good then it could all change. The lads have all got plenty to keep them busy and David will no doubt give you an update as to whats going on.

That's it from me for another week, so until Monday.

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