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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Not an exciting Tuesday

Standing with a cup of tea and looking out of my window at home this morning I could hardly see the end of my garden for mist, the drive to work was the same and the mist was rolling over the water in the basin at Norbury, an eerie sight, we just needed a loaded working boat to come gliding along on the still water to complete the picture, no such luck! not even a private boat or a hire boat was stirring at that time this morning.

The day got off to the usual start, emails first, sort out the jobs for the lads, more emails, paperwork, coffee and so on, The three wise amigos have come back today (my dad and his two brothers) and they have started on doing a bit of decorating in the holiday cottage, Fred has been finishing off Ryebank's painting and blacking today, Bernard has been out on a private breakdown to Wheaton Aston, with that sorted he then carried on with the winter engine service on Ryebank. Lee has been painting all day, no pictures as yet, David will no doubt post some this weekend, I never seem to have the time; Steve has been cracking on with the day boat today, again no photos.

That's it from me for today

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