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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Glorious afternoon at Norbury

Its been a glorious afternoon here at Norbury today, following a gloomy start.

Here's a picture looking into the basin from the foot of bridge 38. It tells you quite a lot about what we have been up to recently if you look closely! You can see that the basin is half empty, that's as half of the fleet are out on their travels. We've got a good range of boats up for sale over by the wet dock. Unfortunately the diesel price crept up on Friday and is now 74.9ppl, lets hope that is comes down as quickly as it went up, but I don't think that is going to happen by watching the news... The shop and tearoom have been busy today. Carolyn has been in command in the kitchen and Lorraine has been "thrown in at the deep end" in the shop, but is learning the ropes and doing a sterling job. Ralph has been attacking the gardens again this afternoon - they will look splendid this year!

Take a look in the wet dock. Lee hasn't been in over the weekend, but this is how he left the boat he is painting. It is now prepped and has been treated with a rust inhibiting oil that we use. That will mean that it will be ready for him to start apply the primer tomorrow.

Down in the dry dock Mick and Ralph docked a private boat this morning and Ralph has dually pressure washed it off and cleaned the dock out. This boat is painted in International antifouling, which is a new product to us. So I will be down in the dock in the morning helping Ralph with the first coat.

I've been invoicing today, so if you receive an invoice through the post in the next few days, I'm sorry, but it is necessary for our business!

That's about it for today folks, back over to Simon tomorrow.



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