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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sun's out again today!

Today began when I woke up to a sharp frost this morning. It was lovely to see all the boats white over, but with blue sky in the background as the sun put in an appearance. And it was here to stay for the day. By 10 am it was a comfortable temperature outside, so I sneaked out of the office to get you some pictures.

Fred has turned the boats around that have returned this morning and Ralph has applied the final coat of Intertuff to Starcross. Here is a link to Jim's blog and a picture of Starcross on the dock at Norbury!

Mick's making hay whilst the sun shines! He making good progress with the electrical and gas systems on Victory. We've now got a deadline for her to be all but finished. Thursday she will be taken to Wheaton Aston for some filming - that's as long as the weather holds and the rain doesn't come back...

Take a peep inside, I'm sure that you will agree that she is coming along tremendously well, Steve's done a good job.

Bernard has got his head in the dark depths of the bilges on Lavender Lee. He is replacing the exhaust system and giving the engine an oil change.

That's about it for today.

Let's hope that the sun shines again tomorrow. Until then...


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