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Friday, 25 March 2011

Thursday's blog

I'm sorry that I didn't upload the blog last night, but the internet went down as I was trying - so I thought I would post it first thing this morning, but I'm afraid it didn't seem to save a copy either. I'll give an outline of what happened yesterday and then I will post todays happenings later today - computer permitting!

It was another busy day yesterday.

Fred applied the first coat of Intertuff to the boat on the dock and Bernard fitted a set of anodes. Bernard then fitted the chimney pipe that he had fabricated the day before and then got on with an engine service on an SR3 that we had booked in.

Lee has now finished the boat that he has been painting in the dock, so I will get you some pictures of that later today.

I sent Steve off to Wheaton Aston with Victory. 1. for a shake down trip to ensure that everything was sound and 2. as I wanted to do some filming of a boat passing through a lock. So at about 12 I shot off down to Wheaton Aston in the car to shoot the filming - job done and I was back by 3!

Most of the shared owned boats had returned and we closed as the day started to cool down. It's a shame that I didn't have the camera with me last night. As when I took my dog for a walk down Shelmore Embankment the sky was really red and would have made a fantastic shot of the Wrekin. I'll see if I can capture it tonight (if it happens that is!).



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