Shop front in the summer

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Another day over...

And another day over... Where do they go to??

The sun hasn't shone on us today and it's quite cool, although I suppose it could be worse - it could be raining?

Everything has gone smoothly again today. Phoenix and Rowington have both been collected and are off for a weeks boating. The customers that brought Summer Wine back this morning really enjoyed their weeks boating in the beautiful weather that we experienced - lets hope that this week will bring the same again. We've also had two day boats out. Bookings are picking up now, so book now to avoid any disappointment - ring the hotline on 01785 284292!

Mick has been putting the fixtures and fittings back onto the boat that Lee finished painting, Fred's applied the final coat of blacking to the boat that is in the dry dock and Ralph has done a brilliant job of showing the customers out. Bernard has been on a breakdown and generally getting on with "things that need to be done".

Well we are off to the Anchor at High Offley tonight, by boat. Chicken casserole enroute. Up to Shebdon to turn round a couple of drinks with Olive in the Anchor and then back to Norbury later on.

I'm assured that we are going to have a busy day tomorrow, so I don't think I will stop up too late.

I'll leave you with a couple of images to enjoy.

Ange and Lorraine hard at work.

Pansies displaying some Spring colours!

Until then.



  1. "Pansies in the morning light, taken by my excellent friend, neighbour and historic boat fancier Rose Braine" ;)

  2. Thank you Rosie, couldn't think of a good caption! D xx