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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Just another Wednesday

Its been just another Wednesday, nothing has happened to get excited about or even write about, it doesn't help given the fact that I have man flu and my enthusiasm is waining a bit! I am writing the blog now as I suspect that once I get home later and in front of a roaring fire, Emmerdale on the TV and a belly full of dinner I will probably fall asleep and forget to do the blog.

Its been a dull day, not many boats on the move, Ive seen about three in total, give the fact that the canal is now open and the majority of the stoppages are off I am surprised that it is still so quiet, maybe its a sign of the times, reading a forum last night about sea going boats it was evident that people are doing less boating on the sea because of the rising costs of fuel, it could be that people on the canal are doing the same? I know that I am certainly driving a lot slower now to try and conserve some fuel, that's probably not a bad thing as i do like to put my foot down.

Fred and Bernard un-docked Ryebank this morning and then subsequently docked Starcross, this is a private boat that is owned by Jim Davies, Hi Jim if you are reading this?(Jim also has a very good blog) If I knew how to post a link I would, Jim moors his boat with us and it is now in dock to have its sides pressure washed and blacked, while in there it will have its rudder straightened and a new set of anodes, this has kept Bernard busy most of the day as there are a few leaks on the domestic water system as well, Lee has been top coating today and I have to say that it is looking very good and you would be hard pushed to tell that it had been brushed on, it looks like it has been sprayed on!

Lets see if tomorrow brings anything different and maybe I might be feeling a bit better!



  1. Hi Simon,
    Hope you will soon be feeling better - you didn't sound too bad when you rang!! Remind me to show you how to post a link next time I see you!

  2. Man flu is a terrible thing...get better soon
    I know just the person for IT training...very reasonable rates ..