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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sunny Tuesday

I awoke this morning to a very cold morning, another morning when the car need the ice scraping from the windows, but the sun rise was fantastic and i knew at that point that the weather would be superb today and I was not disappointed, it has been just sublime, there has not been a cloud in the sky and at one point even the reflection of the sun on the water was almost blinding, its been a little chilly but that has not stopped people from being out and about and enjoying Norbury, the wharf has seen a steady stream of customers all day which has kept Angela busy in the T room and its great to see people sitting outside enjoying the surroundings. the forecasters are saying that it is not going to last and the weekend will change, shame, and I thought that Spring had arrived, maybe not yet!

I think that the nice weather has encouraged to move their boats, I have seen several on the move today and we have even had some on the wharf for services.

The lads have all been busy as usual, Steve is really cracking on with the day boat and another couple of weeks and he will have broken the back of it, Fred finished off painting the boat in the dry dock and that looks excellent, Bernard had to fit some anodes on to it first thing and then he did the engine checks on a few hire boats, he then attended a breakdown on a hire boat with a sticking pressure relief valve, Lee has been applying primer to the boat in the wet dock, I have been busy all day with quotes and dealing with the day today goings on in the office, all in all a busy day made even nicer with some lovely weather and nice people.

Its not said enough, but thank you to all the nice people that have been in today and thank you for your business.


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