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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Enthusiasm injection required today

Well it all started like this; Bit of a grey day first thing, things never do look bright when you have 'man flu' you guys reading this will know exactly what I mean! Arrived at work to find Fred in a grumpy mood(and he hasn't got man flu) so I tried my best to cajole him in to action, that was a hard task! He is a great chap and I am sure that every day he gets up with one aim in mind, and that is to wind me up, well man flu or not he didn't manage it this morning, he will no doubt have another go tomorrow; Everything else this morning seemed to go according to plan, Mick did some jobs, Bernard did some jobs, Fred did some jobs and Lee did some painting, Have you guessed yet that I am a little less enthusiastic than normal?

Thanks to Karen and Jim for your comments, I might not sound too bad but trust me I feel like I have been dragged through a hedge, raped by a bear, whipped by Medusa's hair, trampled on by a thousand Arabian horses, my throat is like the bottom of Gandhi's sandal, and my nose is running faster that the Ganges in the monsoon season, apart from feeling like I have spent the morning in the north pole in my birthday suite and the afternoon sat on mount Vesuvius I don't feel to bad!!

I will post again tomorrow if I don't feel too bad


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  1. It's St Patricks day....have a few pints of Guinness !!!

    Phil (Nb Silhouette)