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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How long will it last?

I cant believe it, another superb day at Norbury, people rely will start to think that Spring has arrived if this weather stays like this for much longer, it has been another glorious day, the sun has been shining all day today and that has encouraged me to spend as much time out side as I can rather than being stuck in the office, I had to spend all morning in the office as I was busy with ordering parts for boats and doing paperwork but as soon as the chance arose I shot out side and have been moving boats around and generally mooching around the yard and the boats.

The lads have all been busy, Fred and Bernard un-docked a private boat first thing this morning and then docked Lavender Lee, I would show that name as a link just like David does but i don't know how! Lavender Lee is a brokerage boat and it required docking for blacking and a bit of paintwork to tidy it up, I have been and inspected it and it is in excellent condition and will make a super boat for some on, not badly priced either at 32.5k for a 62 footer of that age, Bernard had to attend a breakdown on the Llangollen canal this afternoon, nothing to serious fortunately, Fred has been pressure washing and preparing the boat in the dock and Lee has just been painting, I will post some pictures when it is worthy of taking some, Steve has been cracking on with the day boat and the same applies, as soon as it is worthy of taking some pictures I will do.

I have managed to do the blog tonight at work and it is now 5.24 so I'm off home for my T, so until tomorrow.


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