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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thinking hard

Do you ever have days when you have been that busy that you cant remember what you have done, I am sitting here at 16.48 racking my brain as to what has happened today, It has been a superb day in terms of getting things sorted and generally just having a nice day, It has been a busy day with people in and out all day, I managed to move some boats off the wharf to make provision for the returning shared boats this afternoon and I have been taking bookings, sorting jobs out, ordering parts again and generally dealing with customers, suppliers and advertisers, I cant be specific because I cant remember the details!

I knew the nice weather would not last and I was right, it has changed now and the wind has got up which makes for moving the boats around a little difficult to say the least, there has been a chill in the air so I am not taking any chances, I have ordered more solid fuel so that we have plenty in stock just in case, I was hoping that the stock I have left would be enough but now I doubt it.

The lads have been bust all day, Bernard on an engine service, replacing batteries and making a locking mechanism for some doors and fitting a water pump, Mick finished of a hot water boiler service today and has been doing a wiring job on boat as well as fitting a new fridge, lights and door locks, Fred has been painting all day on the boat in the dry dock, he is a moaning old goat but he does do a good job! Fred if you are reading this, you have about 15 pump outs tomorrow, that will make him happy, he is in his element when he is pumping boats out as it gives him an excuse to stand around talking while waiting for the job to finish! Lee has been painting in the wet dock, Jay has been busy all day with customers in the Tea room, Steve has been cracking on with the new day boat and Angela and Lol have been doing training for most of the day; The 'three wise men' have been here for the last few days causing mayhem, They are my dad (Rob) my uncle (Brian) and my other uncle (David) They are all retired and they come down to Norbury to help around the place, usually repairing things in the docks or making improvements around the place but they do cause me some trouble with their antics but it is a pleasure to have them around and their work is very much appreciated!

Its taken me from 16.48 until 17.28 to write this, that just goes to show how long it takes with all the things that need to be dealt with here.

That's it from me for today.


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