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Monday, 28 March 2011

I'm back!!!

G'day folks, I'm back from my global tour, well it was only The Gambia but it was a few thousand miles away. The weather was incredible but I have been told that the weather was glorious last week here! typical I go away and the weather improves, the weather has been superb today and rightly so seeing as its my birthday today, but the down side is I have been at work so tonight i'm off out for a curry with David and my partner Amanda and a few beers after, Thanks for all of the birthday wishes and for the lovely ecard that i got form Vic and Sue, cheers Sue xx

First day back and I have not stopped all day, me and David have been flat out here, the Tea room has had a steady flow of customers and all the lads have been busy with each of their respective jobs, we have even seen a few boats moving today, me and David are just off now to move a boat that we have just bought, so sorry for the short post tonight but.


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