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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

just another day

Nothing exciting has happened today, the weather was grey and dull until around lunch time and then when the sun came out it was simply superb, It would have been fantastic if there had been some boats on the move but I think I have only seen two all day, I wonder if people still think that the canal is shut at Woodseaves? Well it is open now just in case you were wondering!

Fred and Bernard docked Aprilas today, which is a private boat off our moorings, for blacking, Fred pressed on and got the hull all cleaned down while Bernard did a welding job on Steelaway which is one of the new shared owned boats that has come to Norbury for this season, Lee has been preparing the paintwork on Sophie which I found out today was actually called Gemma but is having a name change and will be called Tetley, good job we dont have the task of signwritng it as I don't think we would have got it right some how! Tuesdays and Wednesdays are always a bit thin on the ground staff wise because of us working seven days a week so roll on tomorrow when things are back to normal and everyone is in. I have been sorting out the chandlery today amongst other things and am just about to start preparing for interviewing tomorrow, we are interviewing for a new engineer, now that we are operating more boats we really do need an extra pair of hands.

That's about it from me today


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