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Saturday, 5 March 2011

A damp day in Norbury

It has been a damp day here at Norbury today. Given the weather conditions we have still been surprisingly busy.

We have turned three of our hire boats around today and a further three of the shared ownership boats have been collected and are on their way off on their travels for the forthcoming week.

Ember went out on her maiden voyage yesterday afternoon and (touch wood) we haven't heard of any problems. I'm sure that she is in capable hands. Luckily the first customer to use her is one of our regulars. Simon didn't only miss out on a meal the other night, he also missed out on toasting the maiden voyage of the boat. Ange and I were happy to step in, so we enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine out on the wharf with the ten occupants aboard Ember last evening. She will be returned tomorrow evening.

There's not much more to report really today. Most of the staff have been involved with turning the boats around and ensuring that everything is 'just so' for the customers.

Well that's it from me today. I will get some pictures of interest for you tomorrow.

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