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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ball and chain...

Well as the title says. I've had a ball and chain on today to keep me in the office and working on the computer, apart from a quick walk over to the dock this morning to have a look at the boat on the dock. I do enjoy Sunday's at Norbury as I seem to get through so much more work than during the rest of the week. That's down to a number of facts that I won't bore you with now!!!

It's just tipped it down with rain and we have even had hail... That won't of impressed Sue who had not long before been painting round the fore end of her boat. When we take the dogs out for a walk after work, I'd imagine that she won't be in the best of moods :-P

Talking about painting. Now the weather's brightening up and we've got lighter nights - it's about time that I got the paint brush round Ant to spruce her up for the year ahead. That's my own boat. I haven't really got that much boating planned with her at the moment, but it's satisfying to keep a tidy boat and keep on top of the paintwork and keep the rope work scrubbed white. I did do some graining (scumbling) during last week on my "under gunnel" cupboards in the kitchen and dinette area. I'm really pleased with the effect that it has created, rather than a plain colour - I might even let you have a look when I've finished and applied the varnish. I think the next job will be to paint the false cratch and the deckboard...

Ralph and Mick have swapped the boats in both docks today. They've docked a private boat in the dry dock, which Ralph dually pressure washed and put the next boat to be painted into the wet dock. The boat is called William of Ockham and you will no doubt here a bit about it over the coming weeks. She is in for a full paint job - so will be in for four weeks. Full details of our paint packages can now be found on our website here.

Well that's it from me today, back over to Simon for the coming week and I'll catchya at the weekend.


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