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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The day after the Bank holiday

It has been a fantastic weekend, very busy with people everywhere and then, Nothing! It is like some one has switched the power off, We have been busy all day catching up from the weekend, re ordering stock, putting stock away and all the general stuff that needs doing but after the madness of the weekend it did seem quiet, yet I am still at work late and typing this!

Fred moaned at me this morning for not writing the blog up last night, sorry Fred it was after your bed time when I did write it up, he likes to see what he is up to the next day, well tomorrow Fred will mostly be pressure washing another boat in the dock! he has been busy today doing pump outs, blacking and strimming the moorings, Bernard has been sorting out a dodgy rudder on a boat in the dock and fitting anodes while Mick has attended a breakdown and he has been sorting out yet more water leaks on someones boat, Lee has been painting a brokerage boat and tidying up Ember before she goes out this coming weekend, this is the last chance we will have to do much to her as from this weekend onwards she will be out every week until September; we had several boats come in over the weekend for sale and I was chuffed today as I sold one of them, I only listed it yesterday, that Ain't bad going! all in all its been a good day, except its now raining, time to go home.

That's it from me for another day.


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